Welcome to Innovative Chemical and Environmental Technologies Inc.
ICET Inc.,is a Research and Technology development company based in Greater Boston area in Norwood, MA. Our firm was founded in 1991 with the goal of developing technologies that benefit the environment and humanity. We integrate principles of good health, sustainable environmental consciousness into the purpose and substance of our research. Our contractual R&D projects target development of innovative products that fall under our expertise.
Active Formulations Chemistry and Applications: We have developed medical and consumer articles with active antimicrobial/therapeutic /catalysts delivery surfaces (encapsulated, coated, extruded or molded)
Infection Control Articles: We have developed sustained release Antimicrobial formulations that are coatable or readily incorporated in various polymers; one product qualified with an IDE from the FDA and has been successfully tested in a recent pilot clinical trial.

Our Story:

We combine our talent and knowledge to enable our efforts for innovation. We surround ourselves with top talents, well respected consultants, physicians and materials scientists and execute our projects to provide solutions to human problems.

We demonstrate:

ICET, Inc. is a recipient of numerous SBIR grants, BAA, & contracts from government agencies as well as private companies. ICET Inc has partnered with top tier manufacturing firms for product supply and has an excellent track record for collaborative efforts on product delivery

Our core expertise includes:

Polymer based and novel additive formulations for long term catalytic, CB barrier, antimicrobial & therapeutic delivery: