About Us
ICET, Inc. is a growing contract R&D company aggressively developing new ideas, concepts and technologies in the areas of biomedicine, energy, and environment. ICET's major strength include the following:
Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Compositions
Novel Membranes
Surface Modification of Polymers

ICET, Inc. is a recipient of several SBIR and Contracts from various government agencies such as the NIH, DoD Army, DOE, EPA, NSF and from private companies. ICET Inc is a woman-owned business. The company has received recognition for employing women scientists with family obligations through a flexible employment program. Over the past years ICET has employed over 10 women employees as part-time technicians or consultants. The employees are allowed flex-time and days.

ICET intends to bring to market antimicrobial catheter and antimicrobial medical device products based on a unique, silver accentuating chemistry that will significantly reduce hospital acquired urinary tract infections and the related burden on healthcare costs.

¬†We also have advanced technology and supply capabilities for protective type clothing, gloves and custom items (see under Technology). Currently ICET has secured the US FDA’s IDE approval for its Total Infection Control (TIC) Foley catheter system, and has successfully conducted a human clinical trial at the University of Minnesota, against a major market place competitor. Please see the abstract here: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01681511?term=ICET&rank=. 

Business Objectives Include :
  • Contract and collaborative R&D practices
  • Commercialization of products through licensing or partnership

ICET has established major manufacturing partnerships for the supply of its advanced products in pilot and larger quantities for medical, consumer and textile areas. We establish licensing, vendor type or partnership arrangements with entities that commercialize our technologies or products. ICET is actively engaged in interdisciplinary research efforts and welcomes partnership and collaborative development opportunities. We maintain over 3000 sq. ft. of office and laboratories and have solid staff and experts in areas including mechanical engineering, electrochemical engineering, microbiology, biomedical and chemical engineering; We have handled multiple small and large scale projects.