Specialty Formulations, Coatings, Compounding and Extrusion and Molding Services
Ready-coat antimicrobial formulations for medical grade silicone tubing or other polymeric materials are readily available. Such coatings applied on Foley catheters have been found to be biocompatible and these materials have been successfully clinically evaluated under an IDE in a human clinical trial. However, for other applications of ICET formulations to a specific medical devices requires FDA approval. ICET is willing to provide supporting data during the application process under a suitable agreement.

Coating, Compounding, extrusion, molding of active additives with a variety of polymers and characterization services on a lab scale, pilot scale and manufacturing will be provided under a suitable contract.

Our business process is
(1) Assessment of client's needs
(2) Feasibility study on a cost share basis with the customer
(3) Customization: the chemical formula, process, and concentrations are optimized to meet the product performance
(4) An application specific license agreement or a mutually acceptable alternative business agreement. Alternatively ICET could be the exclusive supplier of the materials for the specific application
(5) Pilot manufacture and technical assessment for the following: