Management Team:
Shantha Sarangapani, Ph.D., President
Shantha is the Founder & CEO of ICET Inc. She has held this position since January 1991. Shantha is a passionate researcher and has led the company on all the projects. She has 11 approved patents, three patents pending approval and numerous publications. She is an expert developer of new technologies in Polymer based chemical formulations, antimicrobials, catalysis, sensors, novel membranes and nanomaterials. She obtained her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University.

Srinivasan Sarangapani (Sarang), Ph.D., MBA, Executive Vice President
Sarang is an electrochemist with 40+ years R&D experience in fuel cells, biomedical technology and industrial electrolysis. He is also the President of Ogenix, LLC. He has an MBA with finance concentration and over 25 years of managerial experience in R&D. For the last two decades, he has specialized in developing technology through SBIR program. His current experience includes FDA and ISO:13485 regulatory affairs with respect to Class III medical devices. His specialties are project management, intellectual property, general management and regulatory affairs. He obtained is Ph.D. from Central Electrochemical Research Institute and his MBA from Boston University. He has 10 approved patents, 2 patents pending approval and numerous publications.

ICET, Inc has a sound Advisory board consisting of physicians, surgeons, regulatory and manufacturing sector consultants and experienced marketing professionals